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Why Learn C?

► Many of the most popular current programming languages share significant syntax with C.

Clearly there is some merit to the claim that many other popular languages have significant syntactical overlap with C!

Source Code

► Further, while languages like c++, java, c#, php and javascript are constantly changing and evolving, c has remained more steady. Standards-complaint c programs written decades ago still compile and run without any problems.

► Additionally, C is just a more straightforward language than many other popular languages like: c++, java, php and c#. The C89 standard lists a total of 32 C language keywords, here are the totals for several languages:

LanguageNumber Of Keywords
C (1989)32
C (1999)37

As you can see, the other languages have two or even three times as many reserved words as C does.

► Many programs that are used all over the world every day are written in C:

Program NameDescription
LinuxOperating System
GITVersion Control
ApacheWeb Server
PythonProgramming Language
PHPProgramming Language
PerlProgramming Language

► As of July, 2021, the TIOBE Index of programming popularity was:

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. C++
  5. C#

So, (the merits of the TIOBE index notwithstanding) it's pretty clear that even though C is much older than the other languages it is still quite popular.




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