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John F. Dumas
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Hi, I'm John Dumas. I have more than twenty years experience as a professional software developer (both full time and as a contractor) and I've been a teacher since 2010, here is my ⬩resume⬩. I taught more than 20 programming courses and hundreds of students during my time at Lone Star College.

► I now provide one on one programming lessons and tutoring for the following languages: c, c++, c#, java, javascript, python and web programming with php. Here are some ⬩example programs⬩ written in the languages listed above.

► A number of my former students have found full time programming jobs, nearly all of them had only an associate's degree. Some of these students were kind enough to share their experiences, here are their ⬩testimonials⬩.

► While there are some very useful resources on youtube, there is no substitute for individual attention and two-way communication. I will thoroughly review all your code and provide my expert analysis and commentary. Here are some examples of the type of ⬩feedback⬩ I provide.

► You may also email me if you have a question or would like me to write some example code for you to illuminate a concept that's less than clear. Here are some examples of the kind of ⬩help⬩ I provide.

► My rate is $35 per hour, see the ⬩how it works⬩ page for more information.

► All skill levels (including absolute beginners) are welcome. Upon request, I will provide a complimentary 30 minute meeting so we can discuss your goals and get acquainted. Please ⬩contact me⬩ if you are interested in tutoring, taking lessons or would like more information.

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