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C++ - G-Speak

► Problem Description: On the sitcom Frasier, there was an episode ( Here's Looking At You) where one of the characters used a language they called "G Speak". It involves adding a 'G' to every syllable of each word.

Write a c++ program that implements the "G Speak" language.

► Inputs And Outputs:

My name is Bond, James Bond Mygy nagame igis Bogond, Jagameges Bogond
We come in peace -- shoot to kill Wege cogome igin peageace -- shoogoot togo kigill
You can't always get what you want Yougou cagan't agalwaygays geget whagat yougou wagant
If you hear the people, you won't have to fear the people Igif yougou heagear thege peogeople, yougou wogon't hagave togo feagear thege peogeople
Are you sure you ate the plate? Agare yougou sugure yougou agate thege plagate?

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