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Why Learn C++?

► It is fast. You will see c++ used frequently in industries like gaming and high frequency trading where speed is critical.

► It has a wonderful feature (the destructor) that allows us to manage resources and guarantee they are released correctly and in a timely manner. This feature is used in a programming technique called RAII (resource acquisition is initialization) and is crucial for industries that require predictability and accuracy such as: finance, real-time and embedded high performance systems.

► C++ is powerful and expressive. You can do a great deal more in a few lines of C++ code that you could in the same amount of C code.

Here's an example showing how some of that power and expressiveness (file: test.cpp):

When executed, the above program outputs:

A list of all letters that occurred in the text file is shown, sorted by frequency (most common to least common).

Source Code
Input File

► As of July, 2021, the TIOBE Index of programming popularity was:

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. C++
  5. C#

As you can see, c++ is quite popular

► A great deal of the software that we use day-to-day is written in C++ such as:




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