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Python - Breaking Bad

► Problem Description: In the intro for the television show Breaking Bad, the names of the actors are shown with certain letters highlighted. The highlighted letters are symbols from the periodic table of the elements. Here's a list of those symbols and the corresponding element names. Here is a video of Breaking Bad's intro.

Here are the actors' names along with their corresponding periodic table symbols:

Actor Name With Symbol Symbol / Element
Bryan Cranston Bryan (Cr)anston (Cr = Chromium)
Anna Gunn A(Na)a Gunn (Na = Sodium)
Aaron Paul Aaron (Pa)ul (Pa = Protactinum)
Dean Norris Dean (N)orris (N = Nitrogen)
Betsy Brandt Betsy B(Ra)ndt (Ra = Radium)
RJ Mitte RJ Mit(Te) (Te = Tellurium)
Bob Odenkirk Bob (O)denkirk (O = Oxygen)

Note that the same periodic table symbol never appears in more than one name. For example, the name "Bob Odenkirk" contains 'N' in addition to 'O' but highlighting 'N' would be a repeat of that symbol ('N' was already highlighted in "Norris").

Your task is to find *all* combinations of symbols that fit the names above without any symbol being repeated. As an example, here is an alternate solution to the one from the show's intro ...

Actor Name With Symbol Symbol / Element
Bryan Cranston (Br)yan Cranston (Br = Bromine)
Anna Gunn A(N)na Gunn (N = Nitrogen)
Aaron Paul A(Ar)on Paul (Ar = Argon)
Dean Norris Dean (No)rris (No = Nobellium)
Betsy Brandt (Be)tsy Brandt (Be = Beryllium)
RJ Mitte RJ M(I)tte (I = Iodine)
Bob Odenkirk Bob Oden(K)irk (K = Potassium)

Display each solution on its own line, after you've shown all the solutions output the total number of solutions found.

► Example Output:

         B, N, O, S, Be, Te, K
         B, N, O, S, Be, Te, I
         Ra, U, Pa, No, Ts, I, K
         Ra, U, Pa, No, Ts, I, Ir

         Total Solutions: 37595

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